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  • Cost effective solutions to support your firm’s compliance

  • Assuring achievement of your organisation’s objectives in operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Welcome to Internal Control Ltd, We provide cost effective solutions to support your firm’s compliance with the regulatory system, by helping you obtain and maintain regulated status.

Internal Control Ltd – Business Risk and Compliance Consultants

Policy Governance

Helping to develop your policies and procedures including your compliance manual, training and competence, conduct risk policy, complaints handling, financial promotions.


Application for authorisation: business plan and strategy review and alignment to the rulebooks: Principles of Business (PRIN), Threshold Conditions (COND), Systems and Controls (SYSC), Approved Persons (APER), Fit and Proper (FIT)

Compliance Monitoring

On going compliance monitoring audits with reporting to senior management, identifying any weaknesses in your processes and procedures

Risk Management and Internal Control

Designing and implementing a risk and control environment

Firm Health Check

Regulatory risk assessment to identify any risks in your business and full business process review.

Firm Bespoke Solutions

Senior management controlled functions, conduct risk, risk management, control framework

What is Internal Control?

Internal control is a process for assuring achievement of an organisation’s objectives by providing reliable financial reporting, compliance with laws, regulations and policies and ensuring that controls are operating effectively and efficiently.

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