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Terms of Business

1.    Place of work will be on site at the clients location and hours will be 09.00 till 17.00 Monday to Friday unless agreed otherwise by both parties

2.    ‘ The Client ‘ shall mean the individual person, corporate entity or the firm that engages Internal Control Ltd

3.    ‘ The Agreement ‘ shall mean the contracted engagement by the Client of the services offered by Internal Control Ltd

4.    ‘ Third Party ‘ shall mean any individual person or corporate entity made party to the engagement of Internal Control Ltd

5.    ‘ Fees ‘ shall mean the professional fees of Internal Control Ltd as detailed in any quotation or otherwise directly amended or detailed only by a Director in writing or in person at any time for any service provided therein.

6.    ‘ Application ‘ shall mean the preparation and submission of any documents, report, material or verbal statements howsoever transmitted to the intended recipient.

7.    ‘ Engagement ‘ shall mean the request by the Client, on its own behalf or on behalf of any third party, made to Internal Control Ltd to engage the services of defined herein and subject to acceptance by the Client of these terms of business. Such acceptance shall be considered as so confirmed by any request, query or any other correspondence from the Client, or any relevant third party detailed by The Client, pertaining to any particular service or Application following receipt, via any written or verbal medium.

8.    Immediately upon the Client’s engagement of Internal Control Ltd to commence consultancy services or to assess or make any application or report, the Client agrees to the terms of this agreement and further the Client agrees and accepts that Internal Control Ltd is under no obligation to commence or undertake any work without a written contract being in place.

9.    The client agrees, upon engagement of Internal Control, to provide any and all documentation and any other data as may be requested by Internal Control for the purposes of performing its consultancy service.

10.    The Client agrees that any information or documentation provided to Internal Control Ltd pursuant to Clause 9 above shall be true and accurate.

11. Fees/Payment, All fees must be paid on completion of the work, unless otherwise agreed in the contract. Fees can be paid by cheque made payable to Internal Control Ltd or direct banks transfer to the firms Business Account with Lloyds Bank.

12 Complaints, should you not be satisfied with the service provided, complaints should be addressed to the Company Secretary at Internal Control Ltd.

13. Regulated Responsibility, the client remains solely responsible for all regulated activities, Internal Control Ltd function is to support the client by providing services as agreed in the contract.

14. For Data Protection purposes the client is a corporate entity and not a person.

15. All work carried out between the client and Internal Control Ltd will remain confidential and shall be kept secret and shall not at any time and for whatever reason be disclosed to any person except where requested by regulatory bodies, or by law. Confidential information relating to intelligent property, technical data and services provided by Internal Control Ltd is only to be used by the client.